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Do you have a catalog?

Presently, a printed catalog is not available, as we are adding about one hundred items per month, and it would be outdated as we printed it.

I am a small furniture manufacturer. Do you have any quantity discounts if I buy my hardware supplies from you?

Yes, if you are a cabinet maker, retail establishment, lumberyard, or re-seller who uses hardware in quantity, please e-mail us or call us.

I like the solid brass antique reproduction pulls you stock, but they look too new to put on my old furniture. Do you have a way to age them?

No we don't. Most of our solid brass is intentionally left unfinished (with no clear coat) so that it will naturally "age". However, you can buy antiquing solution which will "age it" immediately to a rich patina. We are unable to get this solution but you may be able to find it in a craft store.

Do you have items in your warehouse that are not on your web site?

Yes, we do have a number of items available that are not on our site, however, we are continually adding these items to the web site store for your convenience.

When people send you questions about hardware items that you do not sell, do you still help them?

Yes, we really are nice guys! Try us.

If I am trying to locate an item that you do not handle, do you usually find it somewhere, and then try to sell it to me at a mark-up or do you tell me where I can get it?

Usually, we do our best to locate a reliable supplier and just tell you who to contact. This means sending you to our competition, but we hope you'll appreciate our efforts enough to come back to us for your other requirements.

What brands of hardware do you sell?

We sell some Allison, Amerock, and other major branded products. We work closely with Liberty Hardware. However, primarily we are direct importers of the same products, from the same factories that major branded companies use. We just skip the expense of advertising and developing a brand name and pass the savings on to you. Also, we do purchase products made in the good ol' US whenever possible. Ninety percent of our wood products are manufactured in the United States. The problem is that very few hardware products are made in the US anymore.

Why would you charge me up to $15.00 to return something I don't want? ( actually we've only been asked this once)

Firstly, because we, as opposed to too much of society today, are big on responsibility. And secondly, because it covers at least some portion of our cost and keeps our prices low for our other customers. A few irresponsible or inconsiderate customers when allowed to do so without consequence were buying a number of items so they could pick out what they liked at home, and then shipping the, often, opened packages back to us. With our $50.00 free- freight offer being virtually a break- even order, our choice was to raise our minimum order, charge everyone freight, or charge the people responsible for unnecessary overhead. We'll be fair and responsible; you be too. The Golden Rule, kiddo.

What's the "coupon" box on the order form for? How do I get one?

Coupons are used in conjunction with sample orders to help our customers with postage and handling charges See our "Samples" policy available on the menu. Also, dealer and manufacturer discounts are handled through the coupon system.

Is it okay if I order 25 cents worth knowing that it costs $10.75 for shipping and handling, and then complain and give you a bad rating for charging so much?

No. It hurts our feelings and makes us think you are too ignorant to shop on-line. Seriously, read our shipping policy which attempts to help our customers understand why we have to do this.

I did not receive an e-mail confirmation of my order. Do you guys offer that?

Yes, we do send e-mail confirmation of your order. Your order confirmation is sent automatically and immediately from Yahoo's servers. They host our site and provide our secure shopping cart.

A computer glitch is possible. But, more likely, if you do not receive your confirmation e-mail, it has ended-up in your spam folder, or there was a typo in your e-mail address. If you do not receive confirmation of your order, please check your spam folder or white-list us and then send us an e-mail requesting re-confirmation. You may also just give us a call. We are always happy to help you place or confirm an order.

Why didn't I get a shipping notice and a tracking number?

Good question. We do our best to make sure you always get one. However, unlike order confirmations which are sent out automatically, your shipping notice and tracking information requires us to manually enter your e-mail address at the time of shipping. So, although this is part of our routine processing, we may make a mistake. We apologize. Other possible reasons are that you may have mis-typed your e-mail address or our notice may have been filtered to your spam folder. Or if we both want to avoid blame, it was a good ole computer glitch. Call us. We will be glad to tell you the status of your order.

I am an AOL customer and am having trouble placing an order. I cannot seem to get to the order page. What can I do?

AOL seems to have some unique problems that may interfere with the ordering process through Yahoo's servers. You are quite welcome to give us your order over the phone. We'd love to talk to you. Just call 1-618-395-3945 , M-F 9-5 Central Time.

Or, if you would like to contribute to the development of AOL and help out your fellow members, AOL has asked us to please ask you to send an e-mail to the following addresses:

Please include your AOL version.

Why did I get a "cookie alert" message?

We process your orders through Yahoo's secure server. Yahoo hosts thousands of ecommerce stores, and has a spotless reputation for security. Here is what Yahoo tells us:

"Your Yahoo! shopping cart uses cookies to store the items the shopper has placed in their cart. This cookie allows your store to keep a record of the items in the cart for a particular shopper if the shopper leaves your site and returns within two weeks. The shopper can then complete the checkout process without having to add the items to the cart again.

A problem arises in that privacy-minded users may set their web browser or security programs to not allow cookies or prompt before accepting a cookie; other times users may have their settings set to block by default after installing certain software packages. While blocking unnecessary tracking cookies is a good practice, blocking cookies from a Yahoo! store prevents shoppers from adding more than one item to the shopping cart or being able to leave and return to an existing shopping cart with the items stored.

Checkout Manager addresses this potential problem by allowing you to check if shoppers are accepting cookies and present an alert to them if they are currently not accepting cookies."

Why are you guys so darn nice? (submitted by Dave Lawless)

Because our customers are great, and ask such intelligent questions.

Do I know a girl that types lightning fast?

Yes, I just met her and she's quite lovely