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Classic Glass Knobs

We have a great selection of period glass knobs and cut glass knobs. Our period and classic glass knobs are handmade in the same way that our original antique D. Lawless glass line is made. These classic pressed glass knobs in fine cuts are uniquely made - not machine made. Period or classic cut glass cabinet knobs are cut or faceted by hand making each knob have slight variations that usually go unnoticed. A pressed glass knob is made from molten glass that is pressed into a cast iron mold of the desired shape. At a temperature of 1500 degrees, the ingredients for making glass (sand, lime, and soda) are mixed into a furnace until the mixture is molten and the consistency is that of taffy. The glass is then gathered onto an iron rod, held over the top of the glass knob shaped mold and an appropriate sized glob is snipped off. The maker then pushes a plunger into the mold to press the glass into the shape of a glass knob. Further work is often required. Cut glass knobs such as the ones in this category require that the maker take the blank glass knob and grind the final pattern into the glass knob's surface and then polish that surface to finish.

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