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Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs

These handcrafted knobs are prime examples of the beautiful creativity that the simple artisans of India have been producing for centuries. Unique, Timeless, and Imperfect. Each knob is an individual creation, blessed with small variations by its maker that make it a unique piece of work. Even the metal parts of these knobs are hand tooled and uniquely "flawed" by human hands and crude hand tools. Consistency in color is quite good, and hand painted patterns are fairly consistent, but if you seek the perfection of machine-made knobs, these are not for you. These are the same quality knobs seen at Anthropologie and other sites -- we just want to make sure this product is understood. We really want to promote these products and support the individuals who make a living creating them. But, we can only sell them for this low price if our customers accept them for what they are as we have done.

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